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A New Site. Yet Again.

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So I’ve decided to start a new blog. Something simpler, easier to maintain. Maybe use it to document something. I don’t know. It’s powered by Octopress, as you can see in the footer. :) I’m hosting it on GitHub and editing on a cloud based IDE called, Cloud9.

It’s pretty cool. You get unlimited workspaces for all you development needs, 5 gigs of space, 1gb of ram, per workspace for free. Each workspace is based on Ubuntu and pretty much gives you a full system minus a few caveats. There’s no ssh access aside from the IDE’s connection to the server. There’s 3 public ports you can run services on to preview things.

GitHub, as many of the nerds on the internet know, is a repository of code. For all kinds of things, they even host project pages and websites like this for free which is nice. There’s no space limits to speak of and it provides version control. The compiled code of this website will be available for viewing.

Perhaps I should explain the “Yet again” part in the title. I used to run a WordPress blog but ended up closing it and letting the server go for financial reasons. The WordPress.com service felt too restrictive so looked around for other options. I found several frameworks that simply compile static websites from dynamic code. First it was middleman and now Octopress. Middleman seemed pretty nice but couldn’t keep it happy and I had trouble finding a place to keep the code so I can easily edit the files. That is, until I found Cloud9 IDE and life got simpler. Now my code can live online, I don’t have to keep it local or try to sync it with multiple machines.

Working with Octopress for the last few days, I like it a lot more. The markdown files and syntax is almost dead simple to grasp. No fiddling with html code most of the time (except for making tables), no worries about indentations. I just need to figure out the theming system. Maybe bring back my old theme, based on bootstrap and has a circuit board background.