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Backing Up Data, the Easy Way

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I think we can all agree that backing up data is important for one’s most irreplaceable data, such as family photos or important documents and such. There can be big consequences to not doing it and data recovery for even just a few gigabytes can easily cost several thousand dollars. So, I’m going to suggest a few programs I like to use to make life a little easier.

BitTorrent Sync

Otherwise known as btsync, it is a handy program that can sync folders on your computer with local or remote systems but at least two machines are needed to make it work. It is not a cloud based system like say, Dropbox. All you do is add your folder then it gives you a key to use with your other machines to connect them together. You can either give it read/write privileges or to simply read the contents of the folder. Useful for creating data dumps where you don’t want the data to be deleted.

I use it to sync my music and camera photos with my desktop and laptop mainly and have a couple more for video screenshots for whatever reason and a private sync folder for easy swapping of files between machines. None of the data goes online.


An old tool by Microsoft but still works well about 99% of the time. Some how it manages to miss files on the first round. I use it to sync my photos and music with a couple external hard drives every so often as an offline backup. It helps keep track of changes as files get added and removed.


The last tool in the box, Dropbox. Everyone knows this and it’s still useful. I like using it for important documents, photos, memes, and general random things I want synced to the cloud.


Whatever tools you use, backing up data is important and the more places it is stored the better; be it online or off. Some suggest storing a copy at a friend or relative’s house or on a cloud service of some sort. Either way, neglecting to do it can put your valuable data at risk of a simple hard drive failure and potentially losing years of documented memories.

One more thing, it’s not used often anymore but storing files on writable dvds or cds is still a good medium when taken care of. :)