Below is my parts list for the install. Not all are purchased yet so some of these parts in the list may be swapped for something else.

Parts List:

Not quite as important:

All connections are soldered and heat-shrunk where possible and crimped into component connectors as needed. The 9-Conductor speed wire will be crimped into some 8-pin connectors to make for easy removal in the future if needed so I don’t need to remove the whole cable if I needed to pull the t-harness out for some reason.


Prepared the Sub’s wire harness for low current power, signal, and power on signal. The power wires are temporary till I get the main power cables installed. I used the WPT-1212 and soldered some extra wire to that and the RCA cables. I removed what pigtail wires I didn’t need and soldered the two rca cables to the single signal wire pair the truck offers. If it had both, I’d use the 2nd pair for the right channel.

The Remote Turn On Module is used to convert the truck’s 6v turn-on signal to 12v for the aftermarket system. Wire Diagram


I installed the power cables. Ran both power and ground from the battery, across the engine bay, and into the cab via a grommet next to the break booster then along the driver side wire channel. The grommet was probably the hardest part to get wire thru. The rest is just snaking the wire along my chosen route and securing it. There’s two studs holding grounding wires above the engine that I zip tied the power cables to. I will attach the breaker to the side of the battery box.