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Wireless Fireworks Launcher

*Incomplete Project; Parts need to be purchased.

How many times have you wanted to light off a collection of fireworks from the safety of your seating area and be able to enjoy the show like everyone else? Well fear no more, with inspiration from a instructables post, I have come up with a solution for under $100. :) Utilizing a wireless RF relay board, a bunch of wires and plugs and a 12v battery, you can have the rigging located by the fireworks and easily light it with a remote.


  • A Project Box for the electronics and wiring (link)
  • The wireless relay board (link)
  • DC sockets and connectors
  • Lots of 2-conductor zip wire of 20AWG or bigger (link)
  • A 12V Battery or DC power supply capable of lighting the igniters (link)
  • A Handful of igniters, custom or premade. (link)


When I saw a post about a custom fireworks launcher build by a guy on instructables and his igniters, I was inspired to create my own but after researching the costs of such a build with enough cable to safely ignite, I felt it would be cost prehibitive to persue. Enter the wireless world, I wouldn’t need 100ft of 25 pair cable of sufficient size to allow enough power to ignite the fuses. I found a bunch of wireless relay modules that’d be perfect and would only need enough wire to reach the farthest firework launcher. 12ft at the most I’d imagine.

Build Log

Details Coming at some point…