Hello, My name is Michael SanAngelo. I am a computer hobbyist and an electronic enthusiast. I have 3 siblings and my parents. I am presently certified in CompTIA A+. <- cert expired, forgot to renew and no motivation to renew atm.

I’m an introvert, hugely so. So much that for the most part I sit in my room or in my favorite chair in the living room or when I’m out in public, I stick to myself or with whomever is with me. I don’t really talk unless it’s required. I don’t like mindless chatter for the sake of some noise. When guests are over, I’m either in my room or in some chair around the people I’m somewhat interested in just listening and maybe tossing out a comment or two.

I’m an introvert with asperger’s so I may come across as a bit of an asshole without meaning to. I’m usually confused when people try to talk to me in person. I’m a quirky nerd with poor social skills with no hope of it improving. I’m happy to communicate with text over voice. It just helps my comprehension and eases any anxiety. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I enjoy watching TV of various genres like space dramas, comedy sitcoms, TV police crime stoppers/solvers, some scifi type shows, just depends on what I find interesting. For movies, its usually stuff like the Avengers, comedy, and cute movies surrounding an animal of some sort.

I like PC gaming. Usually racing but I’ve been getting into strategy games like Cities: Skyline these last few months as of May 2019 and sucking at it. Lol

I like long walks on the beach and… erm, sorry. I like playing with web stuff. Usually things based on ruby or php code, like this site. I spend a lot of time on a computer. It is, to me, the only place I’m really comfortable doing things.

I like hands on type things, I’m less prone to falling asleep if I’m moving.

You can see what I like doing on my hobbies page.

A summary of things I may or may not have fleshed out on the hobbies page :)

It’s not everything but may give a better idea of me instead of me trying to remember and say over the phone. I can say way more with text than I can with my voice though it can take more time to type but it is easier for me to get it out.

What I can do

  • Assemble computers for use in desktop and server applications.
  • Run single node web servers with Cloudflare CDN.
  • Build computer networks using simple switches and routers.
  • Install and maintain windows based desktops and laptops.
  • Create simple bash scripts full of command and basic logic like if statements. Pull more advanced scripts from the internet and modify to suit my needs.

Things I’ve done

  • Built a general purpose/gaming computer in the past
  • Repurposed used Dell computers for various purposes in the last few years.
  • Run a home server hosting files and video to the network for a good 15 years or more.
  • Built a home network for everything and evolved it over the years. Using pfsense as the home router for local DNS and DHCP mostly.
  • Setup a virtual machine server based off a Dell Power Edge R710 and ESXI.
  • Played with windows server 2016 for Active Directory and Windows install automation. Have a VM for Linux install automation as well.
  • Host my own website using free and paid tools and services. Presently using a static generator called Octopress and hosting the public files on DigitalOcean using Nginx on Linux. In the past, used Wordpress on various hosts and other smaller content management systems.
  • Employed Roku devices for internet streaming to TVs.

Lesser techy, more mechanical

  • Vehicle maintenance: oil changes, tires, replace parts as they begin to fail; ac compressor, fix coolant leak from a crossover pipe attached to the intake, and changed brakes.
  • Diagnose vehicle problems with torque and forscan applications. Found a bad spark plug as a result.