Tech update:

Some time ago, I purchased a bluetooth audio transceiver that mostly went unused till I had the idea to use it for my phone and run ear buds off it since the headphone jack on my phone became iffy, the left audio channel would cut in and out if the plug moved ever so slightly. The device was sold by Anker on Amazon for I dunno, 28 bucks. A tiny thing, fits in the mini right pocket of my jeans. Battery lasts about 8 hours fully charged. Lets out a loud beep beep beep when something is playing from the phone. It’s loud and startling. I kinda wish I knew how to hack firmware but I don’t think the computer even knows it’s connected. Doesn’t show up in any sort of device list. I mean, why would it but still.

In comes a portable 10,000 mAh battery, also by Amazon that recently sold for about 36 bucks. I tuck it in my right pocket next to the phone and bluetooth device to charge up when the device gets low or just keep it topped off. I have no idea how many fully charges the big battery will cover, I haven’t done the math yet or can be bothered.

The device looks like this;

Anker Transmitter

On top of that, I can top off my phone as needed for those long work days away from any power sockets. :)

I like to play podcasts and audio books while I work.

The product page is here but the main seller, Amazon, no longer carries it sadly.