A bit of History

I bought a new phone and I like it. I’m moving into the android market where previously, my only android experience has been from a underpowered Kindle Fire 2nd-Gen. Then just a few months ago, I nabbed a neat little LG Optimus Fuel to handle work related tasks like check emails and do normal tasks one does with a smart phone. It does ok if you keep things simple.

For years I’ve been happy with my trusty old java powered LG 500G with it’s hardware QWERTY keyboard and basic phone + text abilities with a few smart phone abilities like note taking and a basic web browser that’d crash if the page was too big, assuming it loaded in the first place. LOL.

Anyway, onto the Review!

First Impressions

So as soon as I got a hold of the shipping box I couldn’t wait to open it. I opened the phone’s box and was surprised at how much bigger it was compared to my other phones. It is about an inch taller (longer?) and maybe a 1/4" wider. The screen an inch bigger than the LG L34C. It’s sports a 1.2GHz Quad-Core Processor, the main selling point for me. A slightly bigger battery, 8GB of Flash Storage for all the apps I want, works on 4G (compared to 3G for the L34C and 2G for the LG 500G). It’s quite nice, I actually managed to make one of the apps become unresponsive while I was setting things up. XD

One odd bit, the power button and not immediately obvious, volume buttons above and below the power button, are located on the backplate instead of the side. I’m not sure of the reasoning of it but it’ll work.

The casing is white, I’d prefer black but none was available at the time and it was priced well.


Final Thoughts

It’s a nice phone, I’m impressed. I finally have another device with 4 cores in it. :D It didn’t take long for me to load all my apps and get setup and there’s still plenty of RAM and Flash Storage for more. Idling, it has about 400MB of ram free. Should be plenty for whatever I might do. The other smart phone only gives me about 100MB to play with and that runs out quickly.

Oh, all 3 phones work on the TracFone network so low price phones with a reasonably priced service.