Today, I am going to upgrade my laptop’s HDD to a SSD and unleash hidden performance. :)

What I need

  • The laptop
  • A SSD
  • A USB 3 to SATA 3 interface
  • Cloning Software

First up, we need to attach the SSD to the Laptop with the USB to SATA Cable. Just match up the ends and the physical bit is done for now. Now, lets fire up the cloning software. I’m using Macrium Reflect as I have had successful migrations with it in the past.

{% img /images/posts/laptop-upgrade–hdd-to-ssd/macrium-reflect-clone.png [“Example Clone Window” [“Example Clone Window”]] %}

Next, I need to click the “Clone this disk” link below the laptop’s original hard drive listing. Just follow the prompts, making sure the ssd is listed as the destination and all partitions are migrated. Once the actual copy has started, it may take a while so do something else while it runs.

Once the process is complete, we have a bit of surgery to do. We need to power down the computer and flip it over. Locate the computer’s hdd bay and open the cover. There will be clips and screws holding it in place, depending on the machine. Some laptops require the whole bottom cover to be removed. Mine, fortunately, does not.

Here is a simple video explaining the process.

Once the drives have been swapped, you may now button it all up and power the machine back up. If all goes according to plan, it shall be noticeably quicker to start. Enjoy!