This will serve as an update to my lab since I bought it.

The current specs:

  • Dell PowerEdge R710
  • Dual Intel Xeon L5640
  • 2x 148GB SAS HDDs in RAID-1
  • 3x 600GB SAS HDDs in RAID-5
  • 1x 500GB SATA HDD in RAID-0

The Server received a fan mod as mentioned here in my effort to keep it’s noise at a tolerable level. Now if and when I get some SSDs, I can get rid of the annoying sound the HDD heads make. I make keep them for storage or for scratch space but I don’t want to be hitting them with random I/O as much. That’s the primary cause for the noise.

It still runs Vmware ESXI 6.5 and currently has 30 registered VMs. This number fluctuates as I create and delete VMs.

It still has my original Windows Server VM that runs my AD related stuff and WDS+MDT. I have a Windows Server 2012 R2 VM for a currently undetermined purpose beyond testing. A few linux servers for web development, ftp server for printer scans, mail server for… reasons, gitlab and a dedicated gitlab runner vm with it’s own private network between the two. I’ve played with making an automated ubuntu server install iso that works wonderfully (may blog on that at some point).

There is a standalone Win10 VM I leave running for various purposes. Resource useage is super low so meh. There is a puppetmaster vm that I’ve yet to explore. All of those things are constantly running though I may kill the puppetmaster till I learn more about it.

For what’s not constantly running. A domain member server (dmsrv1), dockerlabs to play with docker, Kali Linux, MS-SQL Server, Opnsense, pfsense lab, powershell lab, pxe server (currently unconfigured), smallwall, a linux webserver using webmin+usermin for the control panel, 3x Windows 10 Client VMs for automated install testing, Win10 Development VM to host Dev tools, Win10 Insider VM, Win10 Client for VB Studio (the dev vm and it may have the same tools, I don’t remember), Win10 Enterprise VM, Win7Pro VM, and finally Xubuntu.