I installed an amp in my truck 🚚 because I got tired of having to crank it almost to max just to make out words playing in a podcast. The stock unit did ok with music, just lacked any decent power to jam with. Initial testing yielded pleasent results.

Install proceedure is typical. Radio outputs to Amp, Amp outputs to Speakers. Grabbed power from an old unused cigarette lighter and tucked all the wires and amp into the dash. Sounds pretty good for ~$92 on amazon. I have 4 3-way speakers in the truck that was installed a few years ago. I tuned the radio to put more power to the back and reduce the highs from the audio from the fronts.

It sounds good, has better bass now that I don’t need to turn the radio up so loud to hear it. It has me thinking about a subwoofer for that extra thump but I dunno where I’d put it exactly, maybe under the driver seat. ;)