Geetings fellow geeks. If you haven’t already seen my two posts, here and here, about my pfsense adventures. I want to talk about how you can go about doing it yourself if the process still alludes you.

Things you’ll need

  • A computer (A dual core cpu with 2GB of RAM should do)
  • At least 2 NICs
  • Storage for the OS
  1. You’ll want to download pfsense from their website and either burn the ISO to disc or write to a flash drive with your favorite utility. I like Rufus.

  2. Set the computer up somewhere temporary or permanently if you like to roll that way ;) and boot the install media. You’ll need a monitor and keyboard for the initial bits. Once it’s up and running, they can be stored somewhere. A USB to Serial cable can be used to view Console output if enabled under “Advanced Settings / Admin Access” page

  3. Roll thru the setup process. All the defaults should be fine. The main thing is setting which NIC is connects to what. em0 to WAN, em1 to LAN for example (using intel nics).

  4. Once setup is done, system rebooted. You can then connect to the webui using any device connected to the LAN side of the interfaces and configure things to your liking.

  5. And finally, once you’re satisfied with the initial config and everything works. Hook the LAN to your LAN and enjoy your new network appliance.

Now the fun stuff…

Unbound, a local dns service

Side note: I realize this post might be redundant to the countless others on the net but I thought I’d type up a thing for myself and whomever visits my blog. :)

Cheers. Beep Boop.