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I am here to describe what it is that I do. My hobby is in computers and electronics. I enjoy working on the hardware bits of computers, putting things where they belong. From simple computers built for web browsing or MS Office to gaming rigs costing well over 2 grand, the only limitation, funds. I can build a computer from the ground up and enjoy doing it. I also repair computers that have fallen ill to age or dust and fix em up good as new. If the age of a computer makes it worth more to fix it then it would be to build a new one then that is what I do. Old hardware gets demoted to lesser tasks while newer, faster machines replace it. Old hardware can still do the job for home file/backup servers and the like.

I also fix laptops and tablets, however, those are not as easily fixed, physically. Any kind of physical damage will depend on where I can source replacements. Hardware is limited to hard drives, ram, optical drives, removable wifi/bluetooth cards, and the screen. What can be replaced depends on the laptop itself. The most I can do with tablets and phones is fix whatever might be wrong with the software.


Most electronics are not always repairable by users or technicians, they tend to be replaced if something major breaks. I do install electronics for friends and family. TVs, DVD Players, A/V Receivers, Media PCs, Media Streaming Devices, etc.

The field of electronics is so diverse that I like sticking with computers and entertainment systems. Portable devices fall to the wayside, it’s not to say I won’t fix them, I just don’t have an interest in them. :)

Web Development

My experience in web development takes a back road to everything else. I’ve never been able to start a web page from scratch and have it look decent so I prefer using an already established framework or template to start with then styling that to fit what I like.

This blog uses a program called Octopress. It allows me to generate web pages from markdown files, written in plain text but formatted in a certain way.

I like this because it helps me put together a simple but useful page and have it look halfway decent without requiring a full on web server to build the page every time someone visits it and is far more secure than relying on 3rd-party scripts like wordpress to run a website. Simple but effective. :)