Idea of sorts

For the past few weeks I’ve been poking around on a git repository listing a bunch of self hosted software to get an idea on what to play with on my lab server and maybe keep around and that’s when I came across the “file sharing and synchronization” section. I found some software called Pydio


This one was or is a bit tricky imo. I started out with a simple ubuntu vm (4 vcpu, 4gb ram, 8gb system disk, 20gb data disk), getting that all setup and ready to go for the application; no biggie.

Attempt 1

I got the application running but ran into a tiny issue with fine tuning the datastores portion in order to store all my data in the data disk and not on the system disk. Well, what should have been a simple change of the paths, it kept saving data in the original locations and any attempts to remedy that seem to fail. I can’t seem to get it to cooperate. I’m probably going to wipe the install and mount the data disk to .config/pydio and not worry about changing the paths within the app itself. This seems to be an easier method in my mind.

Attempt 2

Mounted the bigger disk to .config/pydio and now it seems to work. :/ Technology eh?


Tried to change the url in which the application loaded from and well, that just flat out broke it and I can’t find a way to fix it without reinstalling it again. the mysql database is useless, the config still points to the server ip (I wanted to use a local dns name). Oh well. Time to look for another one.


Found an alternative to Pydio after a few google searches. I must say, it was far more easier to do and not so complicated to setup and configure. Just download and run a bash script on a minimal server install. I’ve got it in a VM with 4vCPUs, 1GB RAM, 20GB vDisk and seems far more responsive than Pydio. I’m not sure what to with it for now so I’m gonna shutdown the these two VMs for now to mess with at some point in the future.

I’ll probably finish the config with a reverse proxy and set to auto start with the OS.


I’m probably going to delete pydio and not even bother with it anymore. I don’t even understand where it defines the URLs to it’s various services. I checked the database and the only config file I found in .config/pydio.

I may use Seafile for something, not sure what. Resillo Sync and Dropbox has served me well for local and remote file synchronization respectively. I just want something I can link my parents to so they can upload things to me without bothering with archives or anything complicated.

The adventure continues!